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"I really appreciate the opening and the existence of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.  I like courageous ambitions and progressive choice of the exhibitions. In my opinion, DOX is becoming one of the most important cultural crossing in Prague."

Václav Havel, former President of the Czech Republic 
The building serves as a space for reading, public discussions of fiction and critical writing evoking themes related to DOX exhibitions, which often revolve around aspects of the contemporary human situation and prominent modern day issues.

Aesthetica, 2016
Likened to London's Tate Modern, the 67,000 square foot museum features exhibitions that explore the relationship between society and art. The new zeppelin space offers a chance for visitors to experience and discuss literary art, while being surrounded by a space that in and of itself is an artwork.

Condé Nast Traveler, 2016
The huge object appears to have landed on the roof of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in the Czech capital. The wooden and metal structure, envisioned as a home for literature, is another of the centre known for its challenging exhibitions and installations.

Daily Mail, 2016
If you want to explore the modern side to Prague, make sure to stop at the starkly industrial DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. Sice its opening in 2008, this groundbreaking gallery marked the new beginning in the Czech cultural scene.

The Sunday Telegraph, 2015
Raising issues via current day examples that the visitor might have previously overlooked, the Brave New World show is yet another example of DOX’s innovative and challenging exhibition programme. DOX is forging its own direction in curation, shifting the focus from the aesthetic and bringing the provocation of discussion and art’s ability to foment change to the fore.

www.aestheticamagazine.com, 2015
DOX is a suberb asset for contemporary art in Prague and the current exhibitions are worth visiting to see how they explore the relationship between art and society.

Ian Caldwell, architect  - ianthearchitect.org, 2015
The city’s significant establishment for contemporary art, the minimalist, concrete-and-glass DOX Centre is leading the vanguard in reasserting Prague’s claim to edgy culture.

Prague Guide, Toucan Books, 2014
Ce centre d’art contemporain – qui n’est pas sans rappeler le Palais de Tokyo à Paris ou le museumsquartier à Vienne –occupe une usine de 3000m2 très bien réhabilitée.

Tour Hebdo - Regard Sur La Ville-Prague, 2014
If art’s your thing, then I must beat you straight to DOX, Prague’s Tate Modern.

Weheart.co.uk, 2013
DOX est l ’ambassade de l ’art contemporain a Prague.

Petit Futé, 2013
Nach fünf Jahren ist das Zentrum DOX für moderne Kunst, Architektur und Design zu einer der wichtigsten Adressen der tschechische Kulturszene geworden.

Prager Zeitung, 3. 10. 2013
The story of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is perhaps even more incredible than that of the Kampa Museum. This is because it wasn’t created around an already complete collection and the desire to share it with the public, but through a pure desire to inject some excitement and world-class qualities into the Prague exhibition scene. The main investor and above all the heart and soul of the entire project has always been entrepreneur Leoš Válka. A testament to his approach to the project is the Centre itself, designed by Ivan Kroupa, which is one of the most distinctive works of architecture of the last twenty years.

Jan Skřivánek, Art & Antiques No. 10, 2013
"El impresionante DOX, el mayor centro privado de arte contemporáneo de Praga es un espacio vital y moderno que alberga exposiciones temporales de artistas internacionales, así como varias terrazas, una tienda de diseño y un café divertido. "

VIAJES, 2013

"Visiting DOX has become an integral part of life in Prague. I am purposely avoiding the term cultural life, because there is no life without culture, it is a kind of an animal existence. (Isn’t this animal existence what most politicians wish us to live? All they think about is the need for daily grub, some comfort (so called standard of living) and entertainment – concerns of my neighbor's dog)."

Petr Kotík, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of DOX, 2013

For me, DOX is a unique phenomenon. It was only when DOX opened that I slowly began to believe that Prague will truly become a city. The difference between a province and a city is openness to modern art…

Karel Schwarzenberg, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of DOX, 2013

Marvellous DOX: For any serious lovers of modern art, DOX has got to rank as one of the finest private art galleries in the world. It is certainly one of the largest at over 6,000 sq metres. It may be a little bit out of town but those who appreciate modern art, this is an attraction not to be missed.!"

Vineyarder58, Tripadvisor, 2012

"I found the DOX Space and the exhibits inspiring and I hope I´m around to look at future installations.“ 

Susan Sarandon, 2012

" The monumental venue with pristine white walls and spacious rooms is spread over a whopping 6 250 square metres and aims for the standard of similar institutions such as Kunstwerke in Berlin or MoMa in New York. "

Prague Electronic Beats City Guide, 2011
"DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a stunning proof of Holešovice´s growing confidence… providing Prague’s most capacious gallery space studded with a diverse range of thought-provoking contemporary art and photography."

Lonely Planet – Czech &  Slovak Republic, 2010 
One of the biggest new arrivals is the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. Behind its tall façade and flying banners, the nine-month-old DOX 
has turned a 1911 sheet-metal plant into more than 30,000 square feet of exhibition space.

The New York Times, 2009 
DOX Prague, a.s