Artists and Democracy

15. 11. 2014 from 15:00

Opening discussion for the Modes of Democracy exhibition with participating artists and curators from 4 continents about inspirational as well as cautionary accounts of democracy.

Surveillance and the invasion of individual privacy, the success of populist politicians and a return of authoritarian regimes in Europe and elsewhere. Is democracy in retreat? This question is a call for debate on the state of democracy and its future. Modes of Democracy exhibition presents inspirational as well as cautionary accounts of democracy in operation at various levels – from city neighborhoods, towns and cities, small and large states, all the way up to the global scale. It  also shows how local democratic practice is today being shaped by global trends and vice-versa, providing insights into an emerging idea of a trans-national democracy. The exhibition comprises both single artworks and entire sets of works by artists from five continents.

Guests: Paolo Cirio, Hannes Egger, Thiago Gonçalves, Tomáš Petermann, Daniel Latorre, Haimo Perkmann, Ebadur Rahman

Moderated by:  head curator Jaroslav Anděl

Discussion will be held in English.

Admission: free


DOX Prague, a.s