Confused by Images: Photojournalism in a Global Context

7. 4. 2016 from 19:00 to 21:00

On a daily basis, we encounter an increasing number of visual stimuli documenting events happening even thousands of kilometers away. They are often supplied by photojournalists, whose work is very specific and risky at the same time.

But do these images give us a better understanding of the situation in a given place? Can we properly interpret the incoming messages, or are they just a source of confusion? How does the pre-eminence of the image affect our ability to perceive text and textual messages? And what is the meaning of traditional international reportage in a world that is permanently interconnected?

We will ask these questions of Czech and Spanish photojournalists, representatives of the Czech media, and NGOs that are active in war zones.

The following guests have agreed to participate in the panel discussion (the list of the guests will be updated as appropriate):

Miguel Ángel Sánchez – a Spanish photographer based in Istanbul

Jan Šibík – a Czech photographer known for his photos from war zones

Martin Ehl - Chief-Foreign Editor at Hospodářské noviny

Michal Kubal – Chief International Correspondent for Czech TV

Jakub Klepal - Executive Director Forum 2000

Markéta Kutilová - Journalist, actively involved in People in Need organization, civic association Femisphera and Pontopolis.

The panel discussion is being held within the scope of the public programme to the UPFRONT: War photojournalists exhibition.

The discussion will be held in Czech and Spanish, with simultaneous interpreting into Czech or Spanish available.

Reservation required:

Admission: 60 CZK / 40 CZK.

Free admission for DOX Friends.

DOX Prague, a.s