The Poster During the End of Authoritarianism in 1989 and its Restoration

19. 5. 2014 from 18:00

Hungarian artist, graphic designer and author of animated short films Istvan Orosz presents his work as part of the accompanying program to the exhibition Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014.

Moderated by Marta Sylvestrova (Moravian gallery in Brno)

István Orosz (b. 1951, Kecskemét) is a respected Hungarian artist. He graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Budapest, and aside from posters (theatre, movie, and political), he works mainly in the area of graphic arts and animation.

His original style pervades all of his work, and is based on the tradition of technical perfection of sixteenth to seventeenth-century masters. Fine rendering, a sense for detail, inspiration by mathematics, optical illusions and exploration of perspective are characteristic for him. He has received the Kossuth Prize, a prestigious Hungarian art award. He receives regular invitations to international graphic arts biennales, and in 1990 received the Gold Medal at the Graphic Design Biennale in Brno.

At the DOX exhibition, Istvan Orosz has political posters from the end of the 1980s. His poster entitled “Tovarishi Adieu” became a symbol of the new era after the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Discussion will be in English.

Admission: free


Partner of the event is Hungarian Culture Institute in Prague .
DOX Prague, a.s