KINOLAB DOX – Headless: Online Dissent Party on the Presidency

12. 3. 2017 from 19:00

Has reality become too complex for people to handle? Have nuance and discourse taken a permanent backseat to propaganda and power? Will this competing reality put innocent lives and the very fabric of democracy at risk? Against these challenges, how do we preserve humility and authenticity as linchpins of a humane and civil global society?

As a part of its Headless Anti-Intellectualism series at KINOLAB DOX in Prague, Contemporary Arts Centre DOX and film discussion platform KINOLAB present Anti-Intellectualism: On The Presidency, the 4th event in the series.
The online only program includes curated film recommendations and links to various multimedia content to be followed by a Skype discussion on the topic of the Presidency featuring esteemed guests:

Charlotta Kotík, independent art curator originally from the Czech Republic;

Bob Boudreaux, former US TV anchor for ABC Disney Corporation in Houston TX, and now working regularly as a stage and film actor, with two films coming out in theaters;

Maria Stepanova, Moscow based journalist and poet, founder of the Colta, the only independent crowd-funded source of information that exists in Russia today, with 900,000 unique visitors per month.

The event will be moderated by New York-based writer Hank H. Kim.
Core film will be documentary Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis.

* KINOLAB is a global film discussion platform whose mission is to spark deeper attention to and consideration of topical socio-political issues among the broader public. KINOLAB is committed to challenge societal apathy through regular film screening events followed by discussions facilitated by experts. These events are free and open to the public and are devised to encourage critical thinking and education about subjects that are often ignored or marginalized by mainstream culture and media.

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