Living Cultures - fermentation as social imagination

16. 1. 2013 from 13:00 to 19:00

Workshops conducted and presented by artist and cultivator Eva Bakkeslett will start at 1, 3 and 6 pm in the space of the Cartographies of Hope exhibition.

The workshops will be followed by a lecture by Eva Bakkeslett on 17 January.

Standing on the edge of a collapsing human culture many of us either go into denial or despair. We need to change but we don’t know how. To help us navigate into unfamiliar territories we need new models and narratives that will make the transition easier to imagine.

Bacteria are the most successful creatures on earth. They have remarkable survival and adaptation strategies to cope with change. They also have sophisticated and sensitive communication skills with rapid response systems that make them both highly creative and eminent collaborators as well as experts of transformation.

Inspired by bacteria, how can humans create sustainable and thriving cultures based on collaboration and symbiotic, non-linear relationships to cope with the challenges we are now facing? Can the process of fermentation in e.g. yogurt provide a model for re-imagining sustainable, human cultures?

Come and join us in this unique mixture of micro and macro perspectives where art meets microorganisms to create new outlooks, social transformation and exceedingly good yogurt!

A talk, an interactive session and the sharing of a 100 year old living yogurt culture.
Eva Bakkeslett is an artist and cultivator working in the converging field of art and ecology. She initiated and co-created the social sculpture event Gentle Actions – art,ecology,actions in Oslo, Norway. Her award winning film Alchemy – the poetics of bread has been shown in exhibitions and film-festivals worldwide including MoMA, New York. Her ruminations on bread as the art of the everyday were celebrated in her event Companion festival of Bread in Dartington, UK, and as interactive workshops on the art of baking bread in Norway and the UK. Eva is on the International Scientific Advisory Committee for the conference on “Transformation in a Changing Climate” organized by the University of Oslo in 2013 in collaboration with a group of climate researchers who she has been working with over the last 4 years. Eva divides her time between Northern Norway and Southern England.
Admission free.
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