Mario Del Curto: Q + A

28. 3. 2015 from 16:00

The discussion is a part of the accompanying programme to the ART BRUT LIVE exhibition. 

Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto, whose photos are part of the Art Brut Live exhibition project, will present his photography and film work in person. In his work, Mario Del Curto has already documented hundreds of the often bizarre life stories of art brut artists. Since 1983, Del Curto has photographed dozens of art brut artists throughout the world. Despite their sometimes bizarre subject matter, his existential portraits of outsiders in art and sometimes even in life manage to retain a profound sense of human dignity. Del Curto’s photographs are a unique record of the complex world of art brut artists, in which the act of creation is an expression of being and of the meaning of existence, where everything relates to everything else and where the artist, his life story, his environment and his work form one single entity.

Three short films will be shown (Linda Naeff, Macoto Toya, and Yvonne Roberts), accompanied by a commentary and a subsequent discussion with the creators of the films, Mario Del Curto and Bastien Genoux. 

The discussion will be translated to Czech language. The documents will have English subtitles.

Admission: 60 CZK adults / 40 CZK students


DOX Prague, a.s