On Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

14. 1. 2019 from 19:00

A projection of the documentary film Watching the Moon at Night (2015, dir.: Joanna Helander and Bo Persson, 88 min) + a discussion on “On Terrorism and Anti-Semitism”.

Is Europe experiencing a new wave of anti-Semitism? How does an increase in anti-Semitic incidents correlate with the rise of right-wing populist parties and how is it affected by the current refugee crisis? How is anti-Semitism fuelled by social networks and how can its rise be addressed? We will attempt to search for answers to these questions after the projection of the documentary film Watching the Moon at Night (dir.: Joanna Helander & Bo Persson, 88 min), which deals with the relationship between terrorism and anti-Semitism. The film is a mosaic of interviews with the victims of recent terrorist attacks and opinions of historians, political scientists, philosophers, extremism experts, and other specialists.

Discussion guests:

Joanna Helander and Bo Persson – authors of the documentary film Watching the Moon at Night

Arnold Roth –lawyer (Israel)

Moderator: Jan Fingerland (Czech Radio)

The film features the poetry of Polish author and Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborska.

Music: Zygmunt Konieczny (Poland), Matti Bye (Sweden), Gipsy.cz (Czech Republic)

Walter Laqueur, the world-renowned German-Jewish historian, who left his native Breslau for Palestine on the day before Kristallnacht 1938, is one of the inspirations of „Watching the Moon at Night”. He is also an important participant in the film.


French Philosopher André Glucksmann, historian Robert S. Wistrich from Jerusalem, lawyer Arnold Roth from Jerusalem and lawyer Anthony Julius from London have important roles in the film.


Dan Alon, the Israeli athlete who survived the Munich massacre 1972, is an important voice in the film.


President of Russian Memorial, Sergei Kovalev, Writer and Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, Chechen Lawyer Lidia Yusopova, Anthropologist Joanna Tokarska-Bakir and Journalist Kostek Gebert from Warszawa, Dr Zuhdi Jasser with Syrian background, Iranian Philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo, US Ambassador for Combating Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal and Canadian-Israeli Psychologist Henry Abramovitch, are some of the other participating experts.

From Paris to Algeria, from Jerusalem to Moscow and New York Watching the Moon at Night gives voice to the victims of terrorist attacks in recent years. With great courage, these men and women reflect on their personal stories while analysing the political circumstances that claimed the lives of their loved ones.


The film is produced by Kino Koszyk HB with support from the Swedish Filminstitute and Film i Väst.

- one price: 100 CZK
- free for the members of the DOX Friends Club (book your seat at the form bellow)

The film will be shown in its original language with English subtitles.
The discussion will take place in English.

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