PROGRAMME: Data Shadow

7. 4. - 14. 8. 2017

An accompanying programme for the BIG BANG DATA exhibition.
The topic: privacy and safety on the internet. Data is above all neutral and in itself harmless. But we have to realize that actively used data can control both machines as well as institutions and people. Can it also control our thoughts? We are on the verge of a new industrial revolution that will change how we drive cars, work, or spend our time. What are the positive and negative aspects of this new world of data that is inexorably surrounding us more and more?

To start, let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions: How does my digital content get created? What all can be done with it? Who can access it? The objective of the DATA SHADOW programme is to talk with participants and reflect on what data they are creating, for example through social networks, messenger applications, or video streaming services, and whether they realize who can find it and what they can use it for. We live in an era of remixing, post-production, an open universe of networking – data is omnipresent and easily used.

In one of its projects the Tactical Tech organization works with the concept of a “digital shadow” – data that we create as we move through and participate in the internet without realizing it. These are various types of data (called metadata) that often is created with our agreement but without our awareness. One could say that we create it unintentionally. From thinking about this data that one does not directly generate oneself, one is only a few small steps away from thinking about the data that is the result of our activity in the digital world (called content). 

The BIG BANG DATA exhibition offers a unique opportunity to launch a discussion on what data actually is, how it is created, and how it affects the current generation.

PROGRAMME is a new form of accompanying programme. It’s main objective is to develop critical thinking. Individual programmes under this title focus on the topic of manipulation reflected in various forms and in various perspectives.

The accompanying programme is adapted to the age of the group and contains discussions, activities within the exhibition, and a final workshop.

Programme length: 120 min

Price: 400 CZK/group (500 CZK/group in English) + exhibition admission

Exhibition admission: 180 CZK (less then 5 people), 90 CZK (5 or more people)

This programme must be ordered at least two weeks prior to the requested date.

Reservations and other information:, 295 568 104

DOX Prague, a.s