#DATAMAZE: on-line programmes

Education without limits, a programme with a beginning and an end

Who is it for? For lower secondary and high school students

How long is it? 90–120 min

How much does it cost? CZK 90/student | teachers free

When and how to order? Reservations and other information: skoly@dox.cz or 295 568 104 | ideally the programme should be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Poupětova 1, Prague 7
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Educational programmes for: #DATAMAZE: Vicious Circle

The current situation is complicated and confronts us with new challenges. We're spending even more time on-line, which is why it is important to understand this environment. There is no social revolution occurring, but during a time of crisis and quarantines, we are evidently capable of achieving human distancing as well as global closeness. The DOX Centre's long-term project entitled #DATAMAZE offers several different on-line workshops focused on topics that increase our digital and data literacy.


Data Shadow

Keywords: privacy and security, metadata

How is our digital content created? What all can be done with it? Who can access it? The aim of the Data Shadow programme is to talk to students about what data they are creating through social networks, messenger apps, or video streaming services, and whether they realize who can find it and what they can use it for.


You Are Content

Keywords: profiling, native advertising

The internet changed the world of advertising. It has become even more omnipresent, but not only that. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish what is and is not advertising. What does it mean that we got something for free? Is email, a website, a blog, vlog, photo album or something else really free? If we don't pay money for something, does that mean that we don't pay anything at all? Can we pay with something else? Can for example our personal information be this currency?


Fake It!

Keywords: falsehood, lie, synthetic reality

The Internet and especially social networks are actively exploiting the phenomenon of popularity. The more likes, followers, tweets, posts, blogs, photos… the more people trust a virtual identity. But it can all be fake. In the world of synthetic media, we face new challenges. The future is in our hands. But what does it mean? How do we imagine it? Where are its boundaries? What does it mean to live in a synthetic world and how should one orient oneself in a reality in which it is no longer possible to believe only one's own senses?


Data detox

Keywords: social networking, encryption

Have you ever been surprised by an ad on Google promoting something that a courier should be delivering to you tomorrow? Have you ever wondered how YouTube recommends more and more videos? Don't you sometimes feel that your life is controlled by some algorithm? If you answered no to all these questions, it doesn't matter. Maybe even in your case it's time to undergo a data detox. Time to look at your own digital profile and think about what all the companies that run the internet for you for free know about your private life. You say you've got nothing to hide? This interactive lecture isn't about hiding, but about how "what we do today" can affect our future decisions.

Programme Partner

The educational programmes of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art receive financial support from the Prague 7 city district.