#Datamaze: The Magic of Design

Education without limits, a programme with a beginning and an end

How? On-line now, and when it will be possible, also off-line on the premises of DOX

Who is it for? For the general public | lower secondary and high school students (a suitable supplement for Media Studies, Social Studies/Social Science Basics, Czech)

How long is it? 90-120 min

What will you need? For the on-line version, a computer connected to the internet with a microphone and camera

For how many? 4-8 participants for non-school groups | 5-20 participants for school groups

How much does it cost? CZK 1200/group | CZK 900/school group or CZK 90/student for 11 or more participants, teachers free of charge

When and how to order? Reservations and other information at skoly@dox.cz or 295 568 104 | ideally the programme should be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance

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Design is all around us - in both the natural and human world. It's an excellent helper, but can also easily become a means of seduction and deception. In the digital world, design defines how we interact with the virtual universe behind the monitor. And what this universe looks like and how it acts upon is no accident, but rather a number of various decisions. For design is like a magician - it can surprise us and teach us something, but it can also easily mislead us with an artful illusion.

In the workshop we will focus on the non-material design of a virtual interface and on how it affects us. We will think about when it is useful for us and when it becomes a tool to manipulate our attention and thoughts about what we see on the screen in front of us.

The workshop will be led by instructor and activist Dominika Knoblochová. She works as an instructor at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and is doing a work term at Tactical Tech, an international organization that engages in critical examination of the influence of technology on society. She primarily focuses on community work and projects related to the "right to the city". She is a member of art activism group Agentura De.lux and RESET, an organization focusing on the social and ecological transformation of society.

The workshop is part of a series of activities focusing on the topic of data detox created in cooperation with and based on methods developed by Berlin-based Tactical Tech.

Surprise friends or family with an unconventional afternoon, or get to know your colleagues in other roles - you can order this programme as a family workshop or team building. More information

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