DJ Curator

27 May – 15 Nov 2020

Education without limits, a programme with a beginning and an end

Who is it for? For lower secondary and high school students | a suitable supplement for Art, Media Studies, Social Studies/Social Science Basics, Czech

How long is it? 120-150 min

How much does it cost? 500 CZK/group (800 CZK/group in a foreign language) + exhibition admission CZK 60/student | accompanying teacher free

For how many? At least 8, at most 25 | Larger classes must be split into two groups that will take the programme in parallel at a discounted price of CZK 400/group.

When and how to order? Reservations and other information: or 295 568 104 | ideally the programme should be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance

Cancellation? At least one workday in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee of CZK 500 applies

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Poupětova 1, Prague 7
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Educational programme from the Role(s) in art catalogue for the ULTRASUPERNATURAL exhibition

the role of "curator"

The DJ Curator educational programme aims to familiarize students with the rule of a curator in the world of contemporary art. The ULTRASUPERNATURAL exhibition is the result of a more than twenty-year project by art duo Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein, who work with the last native tribe in Papua New Guinea, the Yali Mek. Their objective is to research local native tribes and their lives and culture through an artistic perspective. Therefore, they do not restrict themselves to the use of scientific methodology characteristic of anthropology and ethnology, but rather try to find their own language - the language of art.

Art is also about discovering the new, the unexpected, the hitherto unknown. Like on expeditions to foreign lands. It is then up to each explorer as to what they bring back from these unknown worlds and what they show to others. Or on the contrary, what they do not reveal, which is then forgotten. Their choice defines our perception and our understanding. The objective of the DJ Curator programme is to point out the importance of selection and choice against the backdrop of an exhibition that shows us the importance of understanding our own history, the customs of (not only) our ancestors, or of understanding what seems foreign and distant to us. Together, we will consider what makes a curator a curator and a traveller a traveller. A curator is someone who carefully prepares an encounter.

The introductory presentation will be complemented by an interactive tour, during which students will be able to come up with their own version of the exhibition, and decide for themselves what the message about disappearing cultures and culture clashes should look like.

Programme Partner

The educational programmes of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art receive financial support from the Prague 7 city district.