Education without limits, a programme with a beginning and an end

How? On-line now, and when it will be possible, also off-line on the premises of DOX

Who is it for? For the general public | primary and high school students

How long is it? 120 min 

What will you need? For the on-line version, a computer connected to the internet with a microphone and camera

For how many? 4-8 participants for non-school groups | 5-20 participants for school groups

How much does it cost? CZK 1200/group | CZK 900/school group or CZK 90/student for 11 or more participants, teachers free of charge

When and how to order? Reservations and other information at or 295 568 104 | ideally the programme should be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Poupětova 1, Prague 7
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An educational programme from the ROLE(S) IN ART catalogue for the architecture of the DOX Centre, DOX+, and for the Gulliver Airship

the “architect” role

When during one educational programme for Eva Jiřičná’s exhibition we asked what it means to “put your body on the line”, we wanted to find out what role is played by the ability to take a risk and forge one’s own path during any type of creative activity. The exhibition ended, but the works of courageous architects and designers still invite us to stop and enter them. Buildings and their narratives are part of our lives, we can face them (standing, sitting, or lying down) in various ways – we define the sense and size of structures. And in a similar way, structures define us.

Why is variety important in (not only) architecture, and what role does the personality of creators play? We will explore these questions as well as ourselves in premises created three prominent architects. We will contrast the severity and purity of the “white cube” that is DOX with the absolutely different approach of Martin Rajniš, the creator of the Gulliver Airship, and for the first time also with the new DOX+ multifunction space, which was built under the leadership of award-winning architect Petr Hájek. Which will suit you best?

The educational programme contains various activities, commentaries, and discussions within the exhibition, with a closing workshop. Individual parts of the programme are naturally balanced and adapted to the age of the group.

Surprise friends or family with an unconventional afternoon, or get to know your colleagues in other roles - you can order this programme as a family workshop or team building. More information