Who Am I?

1 Mar – 6 May 2013

An attendant programme for schools and children for the Kryzstof Wodiczko exhibition Out/Inside(rs).
“Who Am I?” is the name of a programme that deals with the issue of national identity and integration of national and social minorities in the Czech Republic, as well as the name of a well-known psychological game that we will play during the programme. This seemingly banal, yet important question corresponds with the author’s intent to visualize social pain and unresolved problems of a selected socio-cultural region in his work. For his exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, after similar “custom” projects realized in different areas of the world, Wodiczko chose the downplayed, but still unresolved Roma question. This choice perhaps indicates how difficult it can be for members of our small nation to find their own personal and national pride, and how easy and deceptive it is to identify it by excluding one sufficiently numerous and at the same time sufficiently different minority living in the same social space
In a short introductory presentation, older participants in the programme will be confronted via a projection featuring answers by members of the majority as well as representatives of several minorities in our country to the question posed at the beginning. A subsequent discussion will centre on formulations of the concepts Czech, European or inhabitant of plant Earth, with thoughts about the advantages and advantages of belonging to a state and of globalization. We will recall famous personalities of various origins that lived and live in our country, or were born here and lived and worked in exile as members of a minority, and in the ideal case we will reach an agreement that citizenship, as opposed to nationality, is a matter of choice, and that the effort to help the socially disadvantaged is one of the characteristics of a developed country. During an interactive tour of the exhibition, we will talk about how visual art can help in this respect, and during the concluding workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to play an active part.
Length of programme : 90 - 120 min
Target group : pupils of 2nd levels of primary school, secondary school, families with children, interest groups
Price of programme : CZK 400/group + admission to exhibition
Admission to exhibition:
- in group of up to 15 persons: CZK 60/student
- in group of over 15 persons: CZK 40/student
- accompanied by teacher: free (max. 2 persons)
Reservations: schools@dox.cz
Contact :
Tel.: +420 774 716 814
E-mail: trubacova@dox.cz