Shelf: Mary Matz – Manifesto (based on a poem by Rob Dalton)

1. 4. - 5. 5. 2019

Butterfly bush. Silverweed. Peony. Delphinium. Rose campion. Wild poppy. Rose. “Our demands are simple. We want more trees in the woods, backyards 11 miles long.” Birds and people are flying down there and people are gathering there. People who have wishes. Like poets Lynne DeMichele, and her son Rob Dalton who had drawn up a manifesto out of them. Like Mary Matz who was inspired by it to create a book where these wishes, in a way, come to fruition. Though the backyard which is to be found there is only about 30 inches long, it comprises at least as much charm as the one of 11 miles. It is made up of linotypes which originate in Mary’s unflagging need to draw, i.e. to reflect nature, not only look on it. To take part in it, with one’s own hands, to try. Can leaves of trees be printed on? And what about poppy petals, can they be embodied in paper pulp? What colour, by the way, will be a handmade paper made of a 1930s printing-press book, and one of a contemporary offset textbook? How will they interact with the colours of a commercia wrapping paper? Manifesto is an experiment of combinations – of belove materials, flowers, colours… A whole is more than the sum of its parts. Here, too, something new comes to be. A communication of three friends over the ocean materializes, the words, the drawn birds and the real petals make up a space.
DOX Prague, a.s