Unfettered Spaces

5. 12. 2019 - 20. 1. 2020

The Unfettered Spaces exhibition will present artists from the Ateliér radostné tvorby [Studio of Joyous Creation] in Prague (A.R.T.) together with artists represented by TAK Gallery in Poznań, Poland. Though their understanding of the world and communication with their surroundings is different, unusual, their artwork can easily be judged according to strict artistic criteria. The psycho-social abilities of these artists, which are labelled by our society in a somewhat reductionist manner as a “mental handicap” or as mental “illness”, from a different perspective offer absolute creative freedom. Consequently, they can break down established perception of spaces as well as of the events that occur within them. On the circumscribed space of a piece of paper or canvas, various timelines thus intermingle, space is fragmented and expands, and reality interpreted through the prism of each artist’s internal model mingles with their rich imagination.
A century earlier, work by artists with “mental illness” already served as one of the main sources of inspiration for modern art, and to this day surprises us with its authenticity, specific perspective, original colour schemes and compositions – with its unfettered nature.

The exhibition will take place simultaneously in three spaces in Prague 7: at the café at the DOX Centre, Poupětova 1, at ART Café Místo on Letenské náměstí and at Ateliér radostné tvorby – Nad Královskou oborou 55.
Ateliér radostné tvorby will be represented by: Dagmar Filípková, Šárka Hojaková, Iveta Horváthová, Dominik Jirsa, Jarmila Jandová, Marie Kohoutková, Marie Kůsová, Vladimíra Müllerová, Karel Pajma, Lukáš Paleček, George Radojčič, and Ladislav Svoboda.

Poland’s TAK Gallery will be represented by: Adam Dembinski, Jeroen Hollander, Justyna Matysiak, and Ewa Sikorska.

Curator: Terezie Zemánková
DOX Prague, a.s