Summer with DOXie

13. 7. - 31. 8. 2019

We call it active relaxation! The DOX Centre’s summer programmes are all about games and interactive encounters with contemporary art, design, and architecture. You can spend five summer afternoons with your children or grandchildren in a gallery environment surrounded by art, and accompanied by our instructors enjoy creative family time together.
13 July | 2 — 5 p.m.

Jiřičná’s vision

A family art workshop accompanying the JIŘIČNÁ exhibition 

Can you imagine a place made of only glass and steel, yet inspired by nature? Come experience Eva Jiřičná’s vision. Take a guided tour of the exhibition, explore the principles of basic construction materials, and create your own pure and beautiful architecture. Maybe you won’t build a building, concert hall, or bridge, but you will see with your own two hands what all can (or can’t) be architecture.
27 July | 2 — 6 p.m.

DOXie’s children’s day

Open art workshops accompanying the JIŘIČNÁ exhibition, the GULLIVER airship, and with a theatre workshop entitled PAPERRRR by the Spielraum Collective.

Several art workshops located throughout DOX will once again be linked by a contest/uncontest in which everyone will have the chance to win. You will also try out various ways of mastering materials, light, and space in various workshops related to exhibitions and areas of the DOX Centre. You will be able to take a break from pure art to take in an excellent performance by the Spielraum Collective entitled PAPERRRR. This interactive show for children aged from 5 to 10 is an exploration of paper and sound featuring two performers and three musicians (Tygroo). Five in all – five stops providing inspiration through world-class design, sustainable architecture, and contemporary art!
10 August | 2 — 5 p.m.

Sketch and think with your hand

A family art workshop accompanying the JIŘIČNÁ exhibition

How does the first idea for a building, bridge, or stairs come about? Architect and designer Eva Jiřičná turns 80 this year, and in this exhibition held in celebration of this milestone features, directly or indirectly, several hundred of her projects as well as her extensive sources of inspiration. By drawing, sketching, making outlines, visualizing ideas, one can arrive at a different result than by just thinking. This exhibition, which features so many interesting and exceptional projects, will end on this weekend, and it’s worth it to try out what it’s like to think with your hand.
24 August | 2 — 5 p.m.

Buildings stories

A family art workshop related to the GULLIVER airship and the architecture of the DOX Centre and DOX+

Why is variety important in (not only) architecture, and what role does personality play in creativity? We will explore this question and to some extent ourselves through experience and art when we confront the architecture of Ivan Kroupa (DOX) with the utterly different approach of Martin Rajniš (GULLIVER Airship), and this time also with the new DOX+ multifunction building, which was built under the guidance of award-winning architect Petr Hájek. Which will be your favourite?
31 August | 2 — 5 p.m.


A family art workshop accompanying the #DATAMAZE project

Do you know what a “meme” is? Even though it’s said that you can’t explain internet memes, we’ll try... In a nutshell, a meme could be described as data information (for example a picture with text, a video, a song) that lives its own live on the internet, spreads in an uncontrolled manner, and changes in various ways in the process. Memes are characterized by humour, sarcasm, and irony. A meme speaks its own language. Do you control it? And your children? How does a meme actually come about? What forms can it take, and what can it cause (aside from paroxysms of laughter)? We’ll try to find out during this last family workshop of the summer.
–– For Planners and Doers ––

Art workshops will be run by the DOX Centre’s instructors.

For children aged 5 to 99.

Admission: adult + child CZK 90 / each additional child CZK 60

Free with a family membership.

Reservations and information:, tel. 295 568 104
DOX Prague, a.s