Give a gift of DOX and increase joy

You’ve quite probably already read somewhere that this year’s Christmas will be different. Perhaps we’ll have more opportunity to think about what makes us happy, spices up humdrum days, and with whom we would like to experience these moments. If a visit to the DOX Centre fits into any of the above categories, that’s something that pleases us greatly. This year we’ve again put together Christmas packages as well as annual gift memberships that will bring joy twice over: to the recipient, and to us. Merry Christmas!

Your orders will be processed by our friends at the Bendox bookshop.
You can order Christmas packages and gift memberships until 31 December 2020. We offer membership all year round, you can read about the details here. Thank you for your support!

We’ve put together two Christmas packages...

DOX for Christmas.
And for all seasons.

... and gift certificates
for an annual membership