Promote the DOX Centre

Everyone can support the DOX Centre! We would like as many people as possible to be aware of our activity, we are here for the public. DOX needs not only sponsors and new club members, but also any support in promoting our activities.

Other ways to support the DOX Centre

  • Recommend us to your friends and colleagues!

  • Are you on Facebook?

    Become fans of our page, share or recommend events at DOX.

    DOX on Facebook
  • Do you know of a suitable location for promoting the DOX Centre?

    Let us know!
  • Do you work in tourism, or a hotel or shop in Prague?

    Recommend us to your clients, place an advertisement or link to the DOX Centre on your website!

  • Looking for an interesting gift?

    Visit our Designshop and Bookshop or give the gift of year-round Membership of DOX Club

  • Buy a design badge

    Buy an original badge with the DOX logo at the Designshop or cash desk!

  • Do you work in the advertising industry?

    Recommend free advertising spaces and media partners to us!

    Let us know!
  • Are you a student?

    Distribute information about us at your school!

  • Do you have a company magazine?

    Write about us!

  • Do you have a rich uncle?

    Recommend us!

  • Are you a celebrity?

    Recommend us in the media!

  • Do you have an original idea of how to promote DOX?

    Let us know!

  • Other possibilities for supporting us

    DOX Membership
    Support DOX with a donation


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