Installations by French Publisher and Poet Gérard Berréby Attempt to Capture an Ineluctable Part of Human Existence

2. 6. - 11. 9. 2017
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For the first time, an installation by French publisher, poet, and artist Gérard Berréby will be presented outside of France. This uncommon confrontation entitled The Tables of Time will be on display at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art until 11 September 2017.

In 1982 French publisher Gérard Berréby (* 1950) started Allia, a publishing house that now has approximately 750 works in its catalogue, including books by one of the most translated Czech authors after 1989, Patrik Ouředník. Gérard Berréby, who in 2011 became editor-in-chief of Feuilleton magazine, is himself the author of two collections of poetry: Stations des profondeurs (2010) and Joker et mat (2016).

But Berréby is also an artist. in 2012 his video La Colle ne fait pas le collage was staged at a theatre in Gennevilliers, and in 2015 he had his first show at the International Centre of Poetry in Marseille, entitled Les Tables du temps (The Tables of Time), which he is now presenting for the first time abroad, in modified form.

When two mirrors speak to each other, what do they say? When the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci is reduced to a mere skeleton, what happens? Created between 2012 and 2015, these singular confrontations form an intricate, equivocal, and disconcerting art installation.

 “In order to reconcile what’s separated, I had to seize what scares, give up my certitudes and, inevitably, expose myself to fragments of a reality situated in the relic of times. Apart, the question was not to reproduce the real but to reinterpret it to go beyond,” says the artist, whose The Tables of Time in his own words attempt to reveal an ineluctable part of human existence.

Curator: Martin Oliva
The exhibition’s partner is the French Institute in Prague