Radim Labuda - Aspects of The Great Man

6. 9. - 7. 9. 2013
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The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art presents the work of Slovak artist Radim Labuda (1976), who has long been working with video and recently also with text. The Aspects of the Great Man exhibition is the result of the artist’s two-year project, at the core of which is the myth of the Great Man, an archetype of the contemporary human being.


Since the beginning, Jindřich Chalupecký Prize recipient Radim Labuda’s main means of expression have been new media, specifically video. The artist remains faithful to moving images in the Aspects of the Great Man exhibition, where in a series of individual videos and video installations he gradually develops the story of the Great Man, one of two antagonistic figures in a series of narratives.


The Great Man is an individual with high social standing, a rational and cold man with significant manipulative tendencies. For the author, the Great Man, or Mr. Greatman, is simultaneously a reflection of contemporary man, who is a “product” of modern society.


I think that exposing the figure of Mr. Greatman and re-examining it carefully in his new incarnations could teach us all something. I believe that what he represents, the rational type that overreaches himself, this is actually the danger facing the entire world,” says the artist.


The exhibition, which should be perceived as a whole with several acts and not as a series of isolated exhibits, is an “assemblage” of selected narratives created over the last two years. Labuda has recently begun using text, which serves neither as instructions to be read nor as a script - it is another complementary means of gradually developing and communicating the mythology of the modern human being.


The Aspects of the Great Man exhibition, as in earlier work, involves the human body and body-related issues. For Labuda, the body is a political affair, a tool to be used to examine social relationships, frontiers and aspects of human existence. He continues in his long-term interest in the process of looking and watching, where through the lens of the camera he becomes a quiet observer of his surroundings, and through performative overlap, often also of himself.


According to curator Markétá Stará, Radim Labuda’s exhibition is a materialization of the mythology of modern man as well as his psychoanalysis. This is because each of us possesses certain aspects of the Great Man’s personality.

The exhibition will be open to the public at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art from 6 Sep – 17 Oct 2013.

A catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition.


Attendant programme:


15 Sep | 14:00

A guided tour of the exhibition with curator Markéta Stará nad Radim Labuda


6 Oct | 17:00

Tea at Five

A creative workshop with artist Radim Labuda

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