Bodies on the Line

22. 3. - 12. 8. 2019

An educational programme from the THE ROLE(S) IN ART catalogue for the JIŘIČNÁ exhibition and the Gulliver Airship

the “artist” role

What does it mean to put your “body on the line”? What role is played by personality and the ability to go one’s own way during any sort of creative activity? Outside of galleries and in everyday life, the work of architects and designers can bring us experiences of beauty and purity as well as uniqueness, originality, courage, and exploration... But also none of these – an original creator always puts their body on the line.
Why is variety important (not only) in architecture, and what role does a creator’s personality play? You will explore this question and yourself in the programme held on the occasion of Eva Jiřičná’s eightieth birthday. We will contrast the work and perspective of this world-famous designer with the absolutely different approach of Martin Rajniš, the creator of the Gulliver Airship, and for the first time also with the new DOX+ multifunction space, which was built under the leadership of award-winning architect Petr Hájek. Which will suit you best?
The educational programme contains various activities, commentaries, discussions, and contemplations within the exhibition – all with a concluding assessment. Individual parts of the programme are of course balanced and adapted to the age bracket of the group.

We recommend inclusion of the programme in media studies, social studies, art, Czech, or history classes

Programme duration: 90 - 120 min

Target group:  Elementary and high school students, special-interest groups

Programme price: 400 CZK/group (600 CZK/group in English) + exhibition admission

Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/student (accompanying teacher free)

This educational programme must be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to the requested date.

Reservations and other information:, 295 568 104

The educational programmes of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art receive financial support form the Prague 7 city district.


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