#DATAMAZE: 123456

This educational programme is part of the #DATAMAZE project

Topics: passwords, security, hackers, digital identity

What’s your password like? How many passwords do you really use? What do you think of a
password/PIN consisting of “1234”? 

In the same way that we use a key to lock our house or apartment, we use a password to lock our virtual world, to protect our digital identity. Passwords are tools we use to help hide information that is important to us from other people. From the perspective of information technology, it is a code used to verify a user who wants to access some system. A password is therefore a secret that should be known only to its owner.

According to experts, we will eventually not need passwords - our digital identity will be protected using biometrics – fingerprints or eye/face scans. Nevertheless, we don’t think that passwords will disappear anytime soon. That’s why it is important to think about them and pay attention to them. Passwords are supposed to protect us, but poor passwords can harm us.

Come with your students to talk about what passwords you use, their strong and weak points. We will also discuss the basis of hackers’ thinking or why it is as important to think about our digital identity as about our physical one. Without increased digital literacy, our virtual reality is more fragile than everyday experience may indicate. The #DATAMAZE project draws attention to the future in which we are already living (whether we know it or not).
We recommend including this programme in Civic/Social Studies, Czech, or Media Studies

Duration: 120 min

Target group: second stage of primary school and high school students

Price: FREE with exhibition admission

Exhibition admission: CZK 40/student (accompanying teacher free)

This educational programme should be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to the requested date.

Reservations and other information: skoly@dox.cz, 295 568 104
DOX Prague, a.s