DJ Curator

13. 9. 2019 - 10. 2. 2020

An educational programme from the The Role of Art / Roles in Art course catalogue for the About Flying and Other Dreams exhibition by writer and illustrator Petr Sis.


the “curator“ role


The aim of the DJ Curator educational programme is to familiarize students with the role of a curator in the world of contemporary art. Thanks to this exhibition, which will feature the work of illustrator Petr Sis, we will explore a world of fantasies, dreams, and memories captured in books. Freedom will play a key role here, as a guiding element for curatorial work. Against the backdrop of the exhibition, we will consider not only what makes a curator a curator, but also how free we as humans really are. This is because pondering our own freedom doesn’t just mean thinking about what freedom is, but also what it isn’t. And in the art world, the curator is the one responsible for choosing – what they will exhibit and what they won’t.


A person is free when they decide and act as they want. Is everyone in the world free? What does it look like when we’re not free? Are we free in our fantasies and when experiencing fictitious stories? How differently do we think about a story when we experience it through images? Can we compose our own story from many others? Is this choice a free one? What role do certain limits play in our freedom? Where does choice end and freedom begin? Freedom has many forms, and our goal is to focus on looking for them.


Art isn’t a toy people created to avoid boredom. Art is a specific language that we continue to learn all our lives – just like we speak using our mother tongue, we can also speak with the language of art. A curator is a guide who tries to help find our way. His choice and selection limits us, but also moves us forward. The goal of the DJ Curator programme is to point out the importance of selection and choice against the backdrop f an exhibition that shows us how we can come to terms with our situation in the world in a very specific and playful manner. The initial presentation will be supplemented with an interactive tour, during which students will have the opportunity to think up their own version of the exhibition as a story about freedom.

We recommend including this programme in Art, Social Studies/Social Science Basics, Czech, History, and Media Studies


Duration: 90 - 120 min


Target group: Junior High and Senior High School students, special-interest groups


Price: 500 CZK/group (800 CZK/group in English) + exhibition admission


Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/student (accompanying teachers free of charge)

This educational programme must be ordered at least two weeks prior to the requested date.

Reservations and other information:, 295 568 104

DOX Prague, a.s