Gulliver’s Travels into Space

An educational programme for schools in the Gulliver airship.

How did an airship come to “land” on top of the strict and clean features of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art? Why is it called Gulliver? What is it made of and what makes it so “different”?

This programme will help you understand what is good about otherness and variety and how it relates to sustainability. On an exploratory mission you will look at Gulliver and planet Earth from various angles and will engage various senses; for a while your world will shrink, other times you will. You will find out why in 2014 the airship’s co-author Martin Rajniš received the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, and will then try out sustainable materials for yourself.

Together, we will search for the basic pre-requisite for pluralism, that there are various and sundry paths to a correct solution. During the closing recycling workshop, you will test this concept and create your own vessels for a voyage through our little universe.

Duration: 90 - 120 min

Target group: Kindergarten, elementary and secondary school, special-interest groups

Cost: 500 CZK/group in czech language (800 CZK/group in English / German / French / Polish) + exhibition admission

Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/child or free/children under 6 (accompanying teachers: free)

This educational programme must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.

Reservations and other information:, 295 568 104

Supported by the Prague 7 Art District project.

DOX Prague, a.s