Charlie Hebdo up Close

12. 6. 2019 from 19:00

The performance entitled “Letter to the Islamophobia Frauds Who Play into the Hands of Racists” was written by French performer Gérald Dumont, who transferred to the stage the drawings and last text of Charb, Stéphane Charbonnier, the famous caricaturist and former editor of Charlie Hebdo magazine, who died during the terrorist attack of January 2015. The DOX Centre was the only gallery in Central Europe to open the Journal Irresponsable exhibition tree weeks after the attack, featuring the front pages of this satirical weekly.
The DOX Centre is pleased to host the 100 th performance of “Letter to the Islamophobia Frauds Who Play into the Hands of Racists”. The 60-minute performance will be followed by a discussion with Gérald Dumont, Marika Bret from Charlie Hebdo, and Czech author Patrik Ouředník, who lives in France.
Text translated by Patrik Ouředník.
Concept and reading: Gérald Dumont
Direction: Nathalie Grenat 
Music: Lénine Renaud
–– For Practitioners and Doers –– 

LANGUAGE: The programme will be in French with Czech subtitles

ADMISSION: basic 60 CZK | reduced for students and seniors 40 CZK | free for members of the DOX Friends Club (Is necessary to buy a 0 CZK ticket via form below.)

This event is being held in cooperation with Institut français in Prague.

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