Giulio D’Anna: Parkin’son – dance performance and discussion in Archa Theatre

24. 6. 2013 from 20:00 to 22:00

Dance performance | Giulio D’Anna (IT/NL): Parkin’son

Discussion | Parkinson – an artistic reflection of illness

A performance by Italian choreographer Giulio D’Anna entitled Parkin’son, which will take place during the TANEC PRAHA 2013 festival, will be followed up by discussions on the theme of Parkinson – an artistic reflection of illness. The debate will take place as part of the attendant programme for the Disabled by Normality exhibition, prepared as the main exhibition event of the season by the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the Jedlička Institute on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding. This international exhibition devoted to the subject of life with a handicap will take place at DOX from 23 May until 16 September 2013, accompanied by an extensive attendant programme both within the gallery and in other locations.


In Parkin’son, the choreographer transmits a purely personal theme to the stage – coming to terms with his father’s illness. Parkin’son presents an analytical, situational and emotional collage of the past life of both protagonists, and speaks of physical changes, vitality, energy, and changing values. The project is based on the desire to comprehend insurmountable limits as a new way of living, where even seemingly unimportant moments represent a fundamental victory.


The discussion should tackle themes related to reflection of illness via various artistic approaches and forms (dance, fine art, film, photography). How can we use artistic methods of expression to convey the taboo of life with Parkinson’s disease to the general public? What are the limitations of artistic work with handicapped individuals, and on the contrary, what is the motivation and benefit of this type of artistic activity? What is the role of an artist who works with an ill individual? What are the reactions of the audience, project participants and the professional community?

The discussion will be attended by:

Giulio D'Anna - dancer and choreographer of the performance Parkin'Son

Nina Vangelis - dance critic

a representative of visual arts field


The discussion is created in collaboration Tanec Praha Festival and DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.


Tickets for the performances and discussion can be purchased on the theater Archa.