Inadaptible Stops – Prague 7

20. 6. 2013 from 18:00 to 22:00

A public happening in Prague 7 - Holešovice.

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, the Asistence civic association and the reSITE Festival invite all occupants of Prague 7 – Holešovice and active representatives of local cultural and educational institutions on the occasion of the Disabled by Normality exhibition to participate in the “Inadaptible Stops” happening that will take place on Thursday, 20 Jun from 18:00 in the vicinity of key tram stops in Holešovice.

The goal of the happening is, within the context of the Disabled by Normality exhibition on the theme of life with a handicap, to draw attention to barriers in tram transit in Prague 7. These barriers prevent not only wheelchair users but also senior citizens and parents with prams from using the main tram stops bisecting Prague’s Holešovice district along the route Nádraží Holešovice - Ortenovo náměstí - U Průhonu -Dělnická.

The happening set out as a procession full of music, bearing the slogan: “We’re waiting until Prague has no barriers” along with representatives of the DOX Centre, the Asistence association and the reSITE Festival, along the route of stops with barriers in an attempt to alert the general public to the issue of barriers in urban transit, which often appears in other city districts (Prague 1, Prague 4).

The theme of barriers at local tram stops is now becoming all the more alarming and current in light to the reconstruction of selected stops, long under preparation by Prague 7, which however will not make stops barrier-free:

The happening is also an invitation to Prague 7 locals to actively participate in the procession and its programme. The happening will thus be joined by local cultural, business, educational and non-profit organizations, in order to jointly draw attention to the theme of a city with barriers and to create a public space that will be truly inclusive and that will include residents of various social and age categories.

You too can join us and become a part of a vision of an inclusive, barrier-free public space!

Preliminary programme for the happening:


Happening commencement in front of the building of the Nádraží Holešovice metro station.


The procession will stop at the Cross Club cultural centre for a short performance by artists.


Ortenovo náměstí – the procession will meet up with representatives of the reSITE Festival and of the Prague 7 Centre for Care.

18. 45 

U Průhonu – the procession will meet up with members of the Prazelenina community garden.


Dělnická – the procession will meet up with members of the La Fabrika cultural space and members of the Risk theatre performance (the cast of Risk is composed of both healthy and handicapped actors).


The corner of Dělnická/Osadní – the procession will meet up with representatives of

20.00 – 22.00 

The procession will end on the exterior grounds of the DOX Centre.

Unofficial programme for the happening at DOX:

Opening of the Disabled by Normality exhibition, free for happening participants

An unofficial meeting with participants of the reSITE professional conference

A live DJ will play outside on the DOX Centre grounds

Refreshments and seating will be available at the DOX Centre café

20.30 - 21.30

Motion Disabled - presentation and discussion

Lecture by English artist Simon Mckeown, Dadafest International Artist of the Year 2010 – 2011.