Night in the City

14. 6. - 16. 6. 2019

Over the course of one evening the Night in the City Performance Event in Prague will feature three shows by the acclaimed Farm in the Cave International Theatre StudioWhistleblowers, Together Forever!, and Refuge.

The all-night experience will be accompanied by an exhibition, live jazz, and a cocktail party. Between individual performances, the audience will also be invited to explore the unique premises of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, including the iconic Gulliver Airship rooftop installation.

The event takes place within the scope of the Prague Quadrennial 2019. 

Night in the City will be performed on:

14 June, 5 p.m. - 12 midnight
Whistleblowers - 5 p.m.
Together Forever! - 8 p.m.
Refuge - 11 p.m.

16 June, 5 p.m. - 12 midnight
Whistleblowers - 5 p.m.
Together Forever! - 8 p.m.
Refuge - 11 p.m.

Venue: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 1, Prague 7

Tickets: 990 CZK


Farm in the Cave´s performances arise out of long-term research, focused on the transmission of human experience beyond words and the limits of ordinary understanding. 

Having performed in more than sixty cities on three continents, Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio have received numerous awards, including theEuropean Prize for New Theatrical Realities for Director Viliam Dočolomanský, Total Theatre Award, The Grand Prix Golden Laurel Wreath Award, and the Fringe First Award.

The company has established itself as a “modern laboratory” offering “asylum” to performers who are encouraged not only to work on new ways of expression, but also to constantly reassess their attitude towards themselves and others through their research work on different social topics.

In recent years the work of Farm in the Cave has focused on exploring “difficult“ topics that tend to be ignored by contemporary society. Performers and creators have carried out field research in global metropolises such as Brussels, Tokyo, Prague, and London, often gaining unprecedented access to specific social groups and communities.

Directly shared experience with members of these communities led the performers to create emotionally strong shows and to spread awareness about the researched topics through a number of other public activities.

Farm in the Cave’s specific approach to research works not only as a dramaturgical tool, but also as a vehicle for unexpected and mutually enriching encounters among very different social groups.



A global food corporation infiltrated a spy into a group of young activists, who wanted to uncover the multinational's hidden criminal practices. What followed was a series of still-unsolved murders of several members of rebelling workers’ unions in third world countries. Who is who in this spy game, which is no longer a game? How do we act under constant surveillance in a situation where no one is to be trusted?

Whistleblowers is a hypnotic and disturbing probe “behind the scenes” of the corporate world. It is based on real events that came to a scandalous judicial conclusion in Switzerland in 2013.

Together Forever!

Fragments of an absurd mother-daughter relationship appear in a kaleidoscope of situations from other lives lived without recognizing their sense and direction, between fun and powerlessness, narcissism and fear of death. The present alternates with the past, and rejection with the desire for closeness. Time passes, the elevator is rising, and the party has to end sometime. We’ve grown old. Does it surprise us?

The performance is based on a research carried out in a community of elderly people. Performers Hana Varadzinová and Eliška Vavříková created this work together with non-actor seniors, and perform in it alongside them. At least within the scope of the project, they thus created a model of coexistence without discrimination of the elderly that is all too common in today’s society. 


They set off on a journey. From fear. With no guarantees. The paths of three people intersect. Bound to one another, they navigate a terrain of anxiety, courage, failure, and compassion, seeking refuge in an indifferent world. At the point of no return, all that remains is awakening.

The performance was inspired by interviews with a community of young refugees living in London who found themselves in limit situations while on the run. This stage composition, balancing on the border between physical theatre and a concert, features seven exceptional music and dance performers.

VISIONS - International Performing Arts Meeting
15 June, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Venue: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 1, Prague 7

Within the scope of Prague Quadrennial 2019, to be attended by numerous theatre experts and practitioners, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is also putting on Visions, an international encounter for promoters, programming and festival directors, and creative producers working in the field of contemporary dance and theatre. 

The Visions meeting will serve as an opportunity for sharing current dramaturgical visions and practices. Participants will be invited to present one performance project that represents their approach to contemporary performing arts curatorial strategies and project management.

For more information contact Helena Kovaříková at

Project Partners:

Farm in the Cave is supported by a grant from the City of Prague in the amount of 2 500 000,- CZK in the year 2019.

Individual performances supported by: 




DOX Prague, a.s