A Look into the Archive 8 – Colour Printing

18 Aug – 30 Sep 2016

One of the sub-collections of the Art Archive is devoted to bookmaking – typography, illustration, and the overall artistic process. In the Czech Republic, this area of art has yet to be addressed on a comprehensive theoretical level. The Art Archive has been doing this, and in doing so has been examining the work of individuals in this field.

However, one area of bookmaking – usually anonymous – to a significant degree resists this approach: colour book covers of what is usually genre fiction such as romance novels, detective stories, horror, or adventure (although for example Zdeněk Burian also created covers for these). In the eighth exhibition in the “A Look into the Archive” series, we present these kitschy, but with the passage of time interesting visual creations, where one can not help but notice their thematic relationship with the visual world of today’s graphic design and very similar work with emotions.

Exhibition curator: Jiří Hůla