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The KAFKAesque exhibition: today’s world through the eyes of more than 30 contemporary artists influenced by the work of Franz Kafka

DOX presents the work of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

The world of words through the eyes of art in the exhibition Beyond Words

Infamous Beauty exhibition by controversial American photographer Andres Serrano

Mysticism, folklore and B-horror in Ritual of Cursed Hearts by Jan Vytiska

HOW CAN I HELP YOU? Krištof Kintera asks in his apothecary of virtues and vices

The ability to feel empathy at the group show The Pain of Others

The Funny Games Exhibition by Moldovan Artist Alexander Tinei

New hypnotic production Thin Skin

Exhibition Lost in...

Demonstration of the cult and ritual activities of the Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture

Věra Nováková: Via Vitae

Power, Powerlessness, and Illness in Contemporary Art

Badiucao's exhibition opens at DOX Prague despite Chinese Embassy's protests

The mesmerizing beauty of the Architectons and Machines of Jaroslav Róna in DOX

Between painting and poetry: Patrik Hábl and Anna Beata Háblová in a joint exhibition at DOX

Themes of the child in the exhibition Great Expectations in Prague’s DOX

The unmistakable influence of Vladimír Skrepl on the art scene in a new exhibition in Prague’s DOX

Viktor Karlík’s LITERATURE – sculptures and objects from the eponymous cycle exhibited for the first time in Prague DOX

Flesh. The fascinating hallucinatory universe of Franck Vigroux in its Czech premiere at Prague’s DOX

DOX presents a summer of big cinematic stories

Vanitas at DOX: vanity and transience as a theme in the work of 66 artists

On Love: Siegfried Herz’s exhibition debut at Prague’s DOX Centre

A combination of literature and fine art in the Fenomeander exhibition at DOX in Prague

DOX presents the second year of the Uroboros festival

Nadia Rovderová’s intimate diary at DOX in Prague

In the City – Prague in paintings 
by Ivana Lomová at DOX

ULTRASUPERNATURAL by Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein: Two Worlds in a Miraculous Encounter in DOX

Uroboros Festival

The DOX Centre is developing the #Datamaze project, and putting on the Uroboros on-line festival of critical art and design. Attendees can look forward to almost thirty festival activities.

I’m Here, announces Jiří David through an exhibition of paintings at DOX

Gerhard Richter, Yoko Ono and other foremost artists support human rights movement in DOX

Russia. Timeless in the DOX Centre

Freedom, flying and dreams of Peter Sís in the DOX centre


Sadofsky & Trantina: Reduced Visibility of Ordinary Things

#DATAMAZE: Hidden layers

Night in the City – a unique seven-hour experience with Farm in the Cave


ULTRASUPERNATURAL by Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein: Two Worlds in a Miraculous Encounter in DOX

Photos of the DOX Centre, DOX+, Gulliver Airship

TATA 30JS: The popular music group Tata Bojs is looking back at 30 years of their existenc