Close your textbooks and open your mind to knowledge

Educate yourself

Our educational programmes are for everyone who doesn't want to look at today's world just from one perspective. Come develop your critical thinking and come up with new ways to look at your surroundings. The two-hour programme is usually linked to current exhibitions or accompanies longer-term projects.

#DATAMAZE: on-line programmes

How can we increase digital and data literacy, especially in the current situation when we're spending much more time on-line? Our long-term project entitled #DATAMAZE also offers on-line workshops in which you can learn about digital footprints, native advertising, or for example encryption.

Hooray, a mistake – on-line programme

Are my capabilities inherited? Do my own mistakes discourage me from further attempts? Or can I exceed my limits? This educational programme, which uses the methodology of Professor Philip Zimbardo's Heroic Imagination Project.

PROGRAMME: True or False?

The educational format entitled PROGRAMME explores the various means of manipulation that we are subjected to in the contemporary world. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when it was virtually impossible to differentiate between what is real and what is made up?

Bodies on the Line

An educational programme from the Role(s) in art catalogue for the ULTRASUPERNATURAL exhibition. What does it mean to put your "body on the line"? What role does courage and the ability to forge one's own path in any creative activity?

DJ Curator

The DJ Curator educational programme aims to familiarize students with the rule of a curator in the world of contemporary art. The ULTRASUPERNATURAL exhibition is the result of a more than twenty-year project by art duo Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein.

Art in Your Pocket

An educational programme from the Role(s) in art catalogue for the ULTRASUPERNATURAL exhibition. What all is covered by the term contemporary art and what paths does art show us? What is a work of art and how can we recognize it? Where is the border between such a work and its author?

A Fairy Tale about a Factory

What happens to things that have ceased to serve their purpose? What happens with such a building? What function can be found for it, and shall we even seek any? A Fairy Tale About a Factory tells a story about a dilapidated Holešovice factory,

Space for Manipulation

Every place, every building affects us. The fact that often we aren’t even aware of it is another issue. How do we perceive the building we’re in right now? Once upon a time it was an old, abandoned factory, now it is an exclusive gallery.

Drop by

Buildings and their narratives are part of our lives, we can face them (standing, sitting, or lying down) in various ways – we define the sense and size of structures. And in a similar way, structures define us.

Educate others

Teachers play a key role in the transfer of inspiring ideas and topics from the DOX Centre into a school's everyday curriculum. Several times a year, we therefore hold teaching workshops and offer premises for various educational conferences.

The DOX Centre is one of the founders of the Success for Every Pupil initiative, an informal network of organizations that together are learning to develop a teaching culture focused on the success of every pupil in (not only) every school.

Map of social stereotypes

We've designed an interactive guide that helps teachers and pupils orient themselves in non-material values.

Our team of instructors

The DOX Centre's instructors have a scope of knowledge that will allow you to get even more out of our exhibitions. We learn to learn from each other.

Jiří Raiterman
educational and family programmes (DOX), teacher at Jihlava Graphic Art Secondary School, member of the Máš umělecké střevo? [Are You an Artist?] platform, member of the ARTAMA - NIPOS advisory council

Lucie Laitlová
instructor (DOX), coordinator of the Jdi do sebe! [Dig Deep!] educational project, co-founder of the Kino otevřeno [Cinema Open] initiative

Michal Kučerák
instructor (DOX), art production and mediation

Mariana Dočekalová
instructor (DOX), art course head for the Bohnice Lives association, former journalist at HraNa magazine, editor-in-chief of Kompot magazine, editor of the Dora and Rosa and Their Big Adventures activity book

Klára Domlátilová
instructor (DOX, National Gallery) and art therapist

Tereza Havlovicová
instructor (DOX, Faculty of Education, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University), curator, administrator of works by artist Pavel Brázda

Jaroslava Hotovcová
instructor (DOX)

Monika Huynhová
instructor (DOX), educator in the area of Art and Culture, publicist and journalist at the H_aluze literary and cultural magazine

Dominika Knoblochová
instructor (DOX), community worker and head of recreational education activities (People in Need)

Veronika Čechová
instructor (DOX), PR, and assistant curator (Jindřich Chalupecký Society)

Darina Alster
visual artist, teacher (Academy of Fine Arts NM2), DOX instructor, publicist (Tvar, A2larm, Denník Referendum)

Tereza Záchová
instructor (DOX, MeetFactory), educator, curator of the 35 m2 gallery in Prague, founder of the Buňka gallery in Ústí nad Labem

Martin Závodský
instructor (DOX), student of Faculty of Education at the Charles University

Eliška Pýchová
instructor (DOX, National Gallery, and Kampa Museum)

Kateřina Borovičková
instructor (DOX, Leica Gallery), high school Art and History teacher, collaboration with One World in Schools (lecture creation)

Kateřina Sušková
instructor (DOX), illustrator, drawing teacher (primary art school), elementary school Art and Art History teacher

Simona Svatošová
instructor (DOX), high school Art and Art History teacher

Karolína Voleská
instructor (DOX), performer, dancer, student at the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University

Viktória Černegová
instructor (DOX, MeetFactory), illustrator, drawing teacher (primary art school)

Kristina Němcová
instructor (DOX)

Václav Pata
instructor (DOX), člen kolektivu (KAV Ládví)

Continuity between DOX educational programmes and Framework Educational Programmes

News for teachers

Twice a year, we'll let you know what's new in our educational programmes. Just give us your e-mail address.