As an institution on the border between art and non-art, the DOX Centre is interested in the world around it, looking at the problems of our society from different angles. In specific programs and projects for all age groups we develop creativity, empathy and the ability to reflect.

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For educators

Educators play a key role in bringing inspiring impulses and themes into everyday school teaching. That's why we hold educator workshops several times a year and offer space for various educational conferences.

For the general public

We develop creativity, empathy and critical thinking skills that are suitable for everyone, from preschoolers to adults. Surprise your family or friends with an unusual afternoon or get to know your colleagues in different roles.

And even online.

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Our education

The DOX Centre's educational concept is based on the very idea of creating an institution on the border between art and non-art - an institution that is interested in the world around it, that tries to comment, reflect and explore it. Its interdisciplinary nature and multi-genre nature allows us to approach the problems of our society and world from different angles. Thematic exhibitions, as the main medium of communication, are an interface that allows for the development of various activities across the spectrum, from specific programmes to long-term projects.


All communication and mediation is content. The mediation of an art exhibition and an educational activity are different. Mediation by education is not meant to be privileging but helpful, in the sense of understanding and dealing with change, as a motivation for creativity; finding one's place in the world.


The rapid changes of the contemporary world cannot be completely predicted. Creativity is a weapon against fear of the future. Creativity = engagement. This corresponds to the transformation of the role of the spectator into a co-creator of the work. Interactivity, entering the game - physical, mental, spiritual.


Perceptions of what is and is not art are changing. Just as the world, society and its problems are changing. Change makes learning and education absolutely essential - we need to reckon with constant change and have an open 'mental window' for change, to have the capacity to change ourselves.


We are not interested in the passive spectator - the spectating consumer, but in the spectator - student. The student is learning, searching, imperfect and still on a journey of discovery and self-discovery. It is not about aestheticization and mythicization, but about process, experience and experience. And reflection.

Education partners of the DOX Centre

Lecturing team

The lecturers at the DOX Centre have a range of expertise that will make the topics of the exhibitions even more accessible to you. We learn to teach each other.

Jiří Raiterman  

Head of Educational and Family Programs, teacher of art and design, member of the platform Do you have an artistic gut?

Lucie Laitlová

Coordinator of the educational project Go within yourself, lecturer (DOX), social networking (DOXlab)

Monika Huynhová

Booking and production of educational programmes (DOX), educator in the field of Art and Culture and Media Education at primary and secondary schools

Barbora Běhounková
lecturer (DOX), graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, head of art courses at the Atelier for Joy

Veronika Čechová
lecturer (DOX), PR and curator (Jindřich Chalupecký Society)

Viktória Černegová
lecturer (DOX)

Tereza Dvořáková
lecturer (DOX), graduate of the AVU School of Architecture, textile designer (vivat life) and visual artist

Tereza Havlovicová
lecturer (DOX, Faculty of Education, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University), curator, custodian of the depository of artist Pavel Brázda

Naďa Hlaváčková
lecturer (DOX)

Jaroslava Hotovcová
lecturer (DOX)

Tereza Hrdlička
lektorka (DOX), teoretička umění, pecturer (DOX), art theorist, translator from Italian, occasional participant in art research

Aneta Jagschová
lecturer (DOX), student (Faculty of Education, Charles University)

Daniela Janíčková
lecturer (DOX)

Kateřina Křivánková
lecturer (DOX)

Dominika Knoblochová 
lecturer (DOX)

Eliška Kohoutová 
lecturer (DOX)

Kateřina Měchurová 
lecturer (DOX)

Václav Pata 
lecturer (DOX), member of a collective (Speed Date)

Eliška Slovácká
lecturer (DOX)

Kateřina Sušková 
lecturer (DOX), illustrator, drawing teacher (ZUŠ), art education and art history teacher (elementary school)

Lucie Špačková
lecturer (DOX)

Petra Viltová
lecturer (DOX)

Karolína Voleská
lecturer (DOX), performer, dancer, student at the Faculty of Art and Design, UJEP