24 Jun – 28 Nov 2016

A part of the extensive exhibition ALL HAIL SPORT!, which has featured works and projects by 60 contemporary Czech artists reflecting their relationship with sport, is extended until 28 November 2016.
In three floors of the DOX´s tower are on view installations by Kamera Skura & Kunst fa, Krištof Kintery, Tomáše Džadon and paitings by Pavel Brázda and Ondřej Kohout.
ALL HAIL SPORT! was the DOX Centre’s main exhibition of the 2016 summer season. Covering an area of 1230 m2, the exhibition has featured paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, collages, sculptures, and installations by famous names as well as lesser-known artists.
The exhibition had been coinciding with the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the support of the Czech Olympic Committee.
The project is loosely inspired by the book Umění je sport [Art is Sport] by Petr Volf, who is also the exhibition’s curator.
Curators: Petr Volf, Leoš Válka