1 Feb – 26 Mar 2012

In terms of its evolution, today’s Central European city is frozen in time. Its urban structure and infrastructure is rigidly defined. As a result, it responds all the more painfully to new challenges and demands.
The Anastomosis project presents 65 architectural designs for regenerating the urban structure in four municipal districts. The project is the result of
a two-year research study conducted in Petr Hájek and Jaroslav Hulín‘s studio at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and in the LEA (Laboratory for Experimental Architecture) project. It aims to launch a process of regeneration, to create tissue connections that will activate and bring fresh life blood to the various parts of the city. 3D – models will be on display in an exhibition arena measuring 900 m² in the new back building of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.