1 – 10 Oct 2018

The Farm in the Cave theatre group led by director and choreographer Viliam Dočolomanský found its home at the DOX Centre. This year, the internationally recognized laboratory for performers, working at the limits of the genres of physical, dance, and musical theatre took residence at the new DOX+ multifunction space. From the beginning, both art platforms have been linked with common values and an interest in exploring “uncomfortable” contemporary topics: exclusion of social groups, pathological civilizational phenomena, issues concerning migration or xenophobia, etc. Both the DOX Centre and Farm in the Cave see in them not only inspiration for the creation of art, but also a way of gaining direct experience and increasing opportunity for personal growth. Through dance, acting, and verbal or musical improvisation, performers launch a dialogue with hitherto unknown or concealed experiences. On stage they release energy and emotions that help overcome linguistic barriers and allow the audience to experience that for which cold calculation is often insufficient.


Together Forever!

2 October at 7:00 p.m.

3 October at 7:00 p.m. (the performance is followed by a discussion in the DOX café) // HERE BE LIONS*

Magda and Zuzanka share their little lives through phone conversations. The first cannot be without the second, while the second is self-absorbed. Why do they still communicate at all, and what do they actually have in common? Fragments of their absurd relationship appear in a kaleidoscope of situations from other lives, lived without recognizing their sense and direction, between fun and powerlessness, narcissism and fear of death. The present alternates with the past, rejection with the desire for closeness. Time passes, the elevator goes up, and the party has to end sometime. We’ve grown old. Does it surprise us?

No language barrier


Traditional Tibetan dance workshop

4 October from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. // HERE BE LIONS*

Almost every Tibetan can walk can also sing. And whenever they get together, they dance. Dance as a freedom no-one can ever take from them. Traditional nomadic dances under the guidance of Tibetan performer Rin Kina.

The workshop is open to all regardless of age and prior experience and is held in English. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Workshop participants will meet at 3:15 p.m. at the DOX+ reception.


Tibet Now!

Art in exile

4 October at 7:00 p.m. // HERE BE LIONS*

Are you familiar with the work of contemporary Tibetan poets? Have you heard Tibetan rap? Young Tibetan artists, writers, photographers, dancers, or filmmakers mostly work far from their home, and are increasingly focusing their attention on what it means to be Tibetan.

The guest speaker at the discussion in the Gulliver Airship on contemporary Tibetan art, literature, and life in exile will be Kate Saunders, author and internationally recognized expert on Tibet and China, who worked with Farm in the cave on research for the performance of Refuge in London. The discussion will take place partly in Czech and partly in English.


The Journey

5 October at 8:30 p.m.

6 October at 8:00 p.m. // HERE BE LIONS*

This time the Gulliver Airship will fly to remote locations where members of Farm in the Cave drew inspiration for their performances. Music, video, and powerful images presented inside the Gulliver Airship and on the roof of the DOX Centre. Video projections will feature friends of Farm in the Cave in Amazonia, eastern Slovakia, Andalusia, and northern Brazil whose stories, rhythms, and dance steps inspired members of the group. Through songs, fragments of performances, and videos from their trips, Farm in the Cave will guide viewers through a map of blank spaces where experience and wisdom that we all have long since forgotten were passed on in forgotten communities.

Featuring members of the group, together with non-actor seniors, students, musicians, members of the Disman Ensemble, and jazz virtuoso Marcel Bárta.

No language barrier



9 October at 7:00 p.m.

10 October at 7:00 p.m.

They set off on a journey. From fear. With no guarantees. The paths of three people intersect. Connected to each other, they overcome a region of anxiety, courage, failure and compassion. They seek shelter in an indifferent world. When there is nowhere to return to, all that is left is to be awakened. The performance was inspired by interviews with a community of young people living in London who while on the run experienced a limit situation. A stage composition balanced on the border between physical theatre and concert featuring seven exceptional musical and dance performers.

No language barrier


*HERE BE LIONS - events with this mark are part of Caravan Next, a large scale European Social Community Theatre project. 

Farm in the Cave is supported by a grant from the City of Prague in the amount of CZK 2,500,000 in 2018
Partners: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Fund for Culture, Creative Europe and Podio, Slovak Art Council, Prague 7, Nadace Život umělce
Performance Refuge is realized in frame of the project Be SpectACTive! in production of Tanec Praha.