Big names - Lhoták, Kolář, Kubíček, Novák, Sýkora

8 Jul – 26 Sep 2011

abART does not take information in mechanically. It always refers to the source, which for now is in most cases its own archive.
Creating the right connections between different elements in a database is often difficult, and sometimes impossible. abART contains eight Lhotáks, 69 Kolářs, 45 Kubíčeks, 271 Nováks, and 40 Sýkoras.  The exhibition highlights the problems that the Archive runs into every day adding to its database, indicates how those difficulties may be solved, and offers collaboration with similarly focused institutions. The Archive should become the guarantor of and designer of new authorial records (database of national authorities at the National Library of the Czech Republic) in the fine arts field. 
The Archive receives long-term support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and in 2011 received a grant from the City of Prague.

The Archive of Fine Arts is a civic association which gathers, preserves, compiles and makes available documents and information about contemporary – 
in particular Czech and Slovak art. The archive develops, updates, and runs its own (freely accessible) abART information system abART is a database based on the atomisation of data (breaking information down to its smallest possible constituent parts)and its universal interconnection. All the elements entered under different categories (person, group, institution/place, event, document, concept) can be regarded from various angles in abART.