BOOK & FLY: The Book World in The Gulliver Airship

11 – 14 May 2017

11. 5. 2017 19.00
THE BESTSELLER CODE: Novel Analytics: From James Joyce to The Bestseller Code
Matthew Jockers

To better understand bestselling fiction, Matthew Jockers and research partner Jodie Archer took the advice of Google researchers who argue that we should "make use of the unreasonable effectiveness of data.”  The bold claim of their research, documented in The Bestseller Code, is that novels that hit the New York Times bestseller list are not random lottery winners but books that share an uncanny number of textual features…
The lecture is part of an attendant programme for the BIG BANG DATA exhibition at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.
12. 5. 2017 19.00
Marc Pastor, José Luis Peixoto, Marek Toman

Novels are not only about characters of flesh, blood and words. They also exist in a living space. In some novels, this is transformed into a literary space – “Genius Loci in Literature, City / Place in the Starring Role.” Speakers: Marc Pastor, José Luis Peixoto and Marek Toman.
Moderated by:  Petr Vizina
Svět knihy, s.r.o., Barcelona City of Literature and Óbidos City of Literature

13. 5. 2017 19.00


The Most European of the Arts - The Novel

Aleš Šteger, José Luis Peixoto, Goce Smilevski
eng / cz


“One of Europe’s major failures is that it never understood the most European of the arts – the novel; neither its spirit, nor its great knowledge and discoveries, nor the autonomy of its history.” Milan Kundera


Moderated by Guillaume Basset.

Svět knihy, s.r.o., Óbidos City of Literature and Ljubljana City of Literature

14. 5. 2017 19.00
The Struggle between Writer and Authority

To write is to challenge, to turn false ideologies into real perceptions of domination, away from “alternative fact”. To write is to contest what oppresses us. Could the pen really be mightier than the sword?
Moderated by Kateřina Procházková
Svět knihy, s.r.o.
All programmes are simultaneously translated into Czech.
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