Cockerel presents: WHEN A COAT TALKS TO A CHAIR

8 Oct 2014 – 8 Jan 2015

The exhibition takes placet at the DOX by QUBUS designshop at DOX.

Fashion isn’t just about what we wear, but how we live. And we don’t live on fashion alone. In Lenka Kohoutová’s expanding collection we again have an opportunity to experience Cockerel’s style.

In the previous set of clothes and objects, we were confronted with the ability of things to communicate. A girl put on a dress and conversed with a vase that was part of her outfit. The territory for communication was marked out by the edges of plastic crates. This space made of variable modules served to define the installation’s site, and it said something about the concept for developing the Cockerel label.

In this new collection, the idea of an open space has shifted to a more complex interior concept. The new products, furniture as well as clothes, extend the existing range and create a new perspective for dialogue between person, object and space. The symbolism of angular forms is reflected in the shape, cut and colour of the clothes. This “dry fashion”, as the designer calls her style, lacks decorativeness and speaks in a clear system of lines and colours. The key element of the collection remains its simple geometry and linear morphology, underlined by the quality of the materials used – poplin and wool.

Simple forms highlight the beauty of the materials, and they open opportunities to add further products. Here and now we are in a room where an armchair talks to coat, in the company of a chair and a lamp. The perspectives for this dialogue are straightforward and open: sit and think about what fashion means for you.