1 – 31 Mar 2012

The Mosaic project, which focuses on the development of artistic expression, aesthetic sensitivity and an active encounter with a wide spectrum of artistic and crafts techniques, is now in its second year of operation within the framework of the extra-curricular activities of pupils from the Lauder schools in Prague. The project is headed by Gabriela Bimková, one of the class teachers at the primary school. The works exhibited in the café in the DOX Centre were created in co-operation with the painter Dominik Mareš.
The works do not have their own titles, and the collection as a whole basically functions as an integrated work of art. The name Diffusion reflects the multi-layered dynamic and intuitive dimension which the works of the individual schoolchildren and the mini-collectives of artists present. This begins with initial carefree expressions, characterised by their triumphant and dazzling colour scheme and intoxication with free, uninhibited creativity using prints of whole hands and feet and all the tools which the schoolchildren have available around them: wooden blocks, data carriers, glasses... an unbound transition between the actual surface of the work and its canvas – the floor. At the moment when the children have mastered the technique their expression gradually matures and takes on significance.