DOX Nano!

5 Jun – 9 Jul 2009

DOX Centre for Contemporary art and the author of the project nanoSKOP, the group TESLA, would like to invite you to the first presentation from the project nanoSKOP focused on the arts research of the nano world, space defined by the dimensions of 10ˉ9m.

The project represents the colaboration of artists with scientific teams and workplaces in the sphere of new material technologies and at the same time it maps Czech artists who deal with new visual arts discipline, nanoART, and the thought concept of nano.

The works of eighteen artists present nanotechnology, nanostructures and nanosystems as a tool and source of concept ideas as well as new understanding of reality. Focusing on the different behavior of matter at the dimension of one billionth of a meter offers an excellent visual language for communication as well as new opportunities to formulate the old questions about the meaning of human existence.

Artistic visualisation inspired by nano structures and nano systems draw attention to the scientific conference on nanotechnologies in the Czech Republic. NanoSKOP presents a specific artisticaly educational reach of such conferences.

DOXNANO! exhibition is accompanied by: 
a) popularization lectures on nanotechnology and third culture 
b) guided tours of artists participating in the project NANOSKOP 
c) nanoLAB by student David Černý – an art installation of scanning confocal microscope, mechanical nanoSPIDER, Detox COLOR, nanoDOG and other art oddities of the nanocosmos.