Jakub Berdych: From This Year’s End of the World

4 Nov 2011 – 9 Jan 2012

Jakub Berdych, designer, sculptor and founder of the Qubus studio, presents his most recent glass art at an exhibition with the symptomatic title “From This Year’s End of the World”. These black glass objects draw on the best of Qubus’s output to date, and on the basis of the studio’s history and inspiration they develop a new narrative where the boundaries between design and art have been erased. The leitmotif for the entire exhibition is a dense black that is graduated in several groups of glass objects. Each group reflects a different source of inspiration, but each is guided by distinctive and highly original conceptual thinking. Together they comprise a integrated series that brings together diverse themes and ideas. Inspired by history, social issues, comics and a playful sense of humour, they open a new chapter for Qubus. This is complemented by the first collection of Cockerel woollen jumpers and accessories by the fashion designer Lenka Kohoutová, inspired by the glass on display, and Qubus is presenting this collection in entirely unexpected contexts.

Curator: Adam Štěch

Foto / fashion: Michal Ureš

Foto / design: Gabriel Urbánek