28 Jan – 9 Mar 2015

Since the 1960s, French humour magazine Charlie Hebdo has used satirical drawings to comment on all sorts of subject matter. Whether it is commenting authoritarianism, militarism, racism, current political affairs, religion, or terrorism, its approach is always identically critical. There is no inviolable, sacred ground.

Since 7 January 2015, the whole world knows about Charlie Hebdo. Not only did the terrorist attack on its offices launch a huge wave of solidarity, it also initiated a discussion regarding the ideals of a free society: freedom of expression, freedom of religion, tolerance towards difference, and others. This discussion of course also concerns Czech society.

Photos from the exhibition opening 27 January 2015.

The intent of the Journal (Ir)responsable exhibition is to allow the Czech public to form its own opinion of the magazine, its attitude, ideas, and humour. Whatever we may call the magazine’s approach – shocking, dumb, primitive, vicious, provocative, or ingenious – it is always based on humour. And in the twenty-first century, no humour can be deemed a capital crime.

Thank you all who helped us with preparations for this exhibition.

The DOX Team