Kaddish, an exhibition presenting the project "Bubny", a Journey Elsewhere

12 – 18 Jun 2013

The exhibition had to be postponed for 12 June and the exhibition opening for 11 June, 5 pm. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding! 

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and Bubny SHOAH Memorial (Památník ŠOA Praha) invite you to an exhibition entitled Kaddish, which is part of a presentation of the Bubny project. The exhibition will take place inside the unused Bubny train station

Until the end of World War II, Prague’s cultural tradition was founded on a unique dialogue between three mentally different entities. Their mutual literary acceleration turned this small city into a European cultural metropolis. The killing of almost ninety percent of the Jews and the expulsion or driving away of Prague’s German population put an end to this unique phenomenon.

Spiritual reflection takes place differently in different concepts of faith. Usually it involves a journey along some contemplative route, climbing a holy mountain, a pilgrimage as a parable for the Stations of the Cross, and so on. Prague has its own relatively little known street of last goodbyes prior to boarding the Jewish transports. At its beginning was a marshalling area, registration. At its end, still standing today, is a railway station, a symbolic last station, where on the order of ten thousand people lost their names and became numbers.

Negotiations are currently taking place for the building, owned by Czech Rail and almost unused, to become the SHOAH Memorial, a permanent facility featuring educational programmes, exhibitions, meeting areas, concerts and theatre. The plan for rebuilding Bubny into a contact centre for modern history, discussed via the theme of the wartime fates of Czech Jews, should be presented to the public in the near future.

The Bubny SHOAH Memorial, in cooperation with the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, decided to join this presentation with another exhibition event that itself is eliciting the interest of the cultural community. The purpose of this short-term exhibition is to commence a future series of seasonal exhibitions in a dignified manner. Its target groups include visitors of all ages, school groups, foreigners, important personages and living witnesses and their families.

The first several projects, preceding the building’s renovation, will also be a suitable example of forms of public dialogue through which the theme of the Czech Holocaust should be presented at Bubny Station. Their joint aim is to send a clear signal to the public that smaller seasonal exhibitions will eventually grow into a dignified centre for dialogue on memory and its legacy.

As part of the exhibition, a panel discussion took place on 5 June 2013 at the DOX centre on the subject of future communication on the subject of the Shoah, entitled The Legacy of the Shoah – Benefit or Burden…?, featuring an exceptional personage – Stuart Eizenstat, a prominent US diplomat and lifelong researcher of wartime stories of Jews from around the world.

The exhibition is open from 2 pm to 6pm.


Nádraží (The Railway Station)
Praha - Bubny
170 00, Praha 7