Landscape, Art, and Photography

31 Oct 2016 – 5 Jan 2017

The exhibition takes place in the Art Archive.
This exhibition features photos of works of art based on the land art movement (art for public space and ecology), which is why we won’t find them in galleries, but have to go see them in their natural setting. Their creators defined the duration of their physical existence by placing them in a specific place, in a natural setting or a rural landscape. They are freely accessible and exposed to climactic effects.
In most cases, this art attempts to engage in some sort of dialogue with the site, its history, or its natural characteristics. At issue is not only the geological type of landscape, which defines what grows and lives within it, but sometimes also less evident spiritual qualities. The photographs feature some long-term projects, and attention is also devoted to those that strive to become part of the landscape over the long term, while other works now exist only on photographs.
The photos were selected from a book by R. Schmelzová, D. Šubrtová, and R. Mikuláš entitled Současná umělecká díla v krajině [Contemporary Works of Art in the Landscape] published by Academia in 2014.
Curators: Dagmar Šubrtová and Radoslava Schmelzová