Lukáš Novák: NEW! NEW!

2 Jun – 1 Sep 2017

The exhibition is taking place at the design shop DOX by Qubus.

Lukáš Novák has graduated in the glass department of UMPRUM, Prague. In DOX by Qubus, he introduces series of mural glass objects influenced by sport esthetics and contemporary pop culture, as well as crystal vases shaped in glass furnace polished by brand new technology. The author - in close cooperation with talented graphic designer Jan Novak - managed to recreate classic glass tools into stamps and tracing wheels, by which he breaks the homogeneous substance of glass and reflects his mottos and slogans into it.

The title of the exhibition – NEW! NEW! – reflects several aspects of the author's work. New are the objects exhibited in DOX and also the author's name in Czech art scene.

The struggle to find and reveal something new, something unique and different has rapidly become the essence of most young designer's work. The constant pressure on new stimulus is both challenge and strain.

Lukáš Novák comes from the centre of Czech glass, from Nový Bor. He studied under Rony Plesl at the UMPRUM. In his work, he concentrates on finding new paths and hidden potential in traditional glass techniques. In glassworks of Nový Bor, he creates the glass objects and in his studio in Nusle in Prague, he works on his mural glass projects.