Martin Hlubuček – Territory

14 May – 14 Aug 2015



“Buoys indicate an isolated danger surrounded by safe waters”.

My Buoys interior vases are inspired by the shapes of these anchored floating forms. But the Buoys are also symbolic, marking out a safe territory around us and corridors where we can move without fear. In larger groups the vases complement one another, defined by their elegant proportions and taut forms. The choice of colour is no accident – soft opal (alabaster) glass has a translucency that gives the forms lightness without detracting from their monumentality. The intensity of the colour is not uniform throughout but gradually softens from top to bottom, or vice-versa.

I see the Buoys vases as an experiment in which I am trying out the aesthetic impact of these forms for their future realisation using molten glass in a mould. This is a limited edition and each piece is signed.