Motion Disabled - Simon Mckeown

20 Jun 2013, 8:30 PM

Presentation of the work by Simon Mckeown, one of the UK's most prolific artists, winner of DaDaFest's - The Festival of Disability and Deaf Arts, Liverpool - Artist of the Year 2011 and artist represented in the exhibition Disabled by Normality will  be held on Thursday at 8.30pm. His presentation is part of the Inadabtible Stops public happening in Prague 7.
A part of the presentation is 10m high inflatable sculpture The Last Thalidomide.

The work uses the body mapping technology and is based on 3D computer models of disabled actor and amateur athlete Mat Fraser, a Thalidomide affected person. Using Motion Capture, Simon has captured Mat’s body position and represented his physical shape using a simple neutral avatar.

The work continues Mckeown’s examination of difference and is one of the largest sculptures of its kind made in the UK. Further motion capture based work and a small Maquette by Mckeown can be seen on the second floor gallery.

This sculpture is part of Motion Disabled: Unlimited and has been commissioned by the Unlimited Programme, part of the London 2012 Festival.

Simon Mckeown combines a background in Fine Arts, Computer Graphics and Animation with an interest in disability and emerging technologies to create innovative exhibition.

Free entry.