Open Call

21 – 22 Dec 2011

The exhibition presents a selection from the works by the artists who have participated in the Open Call organised in conjunction with the exhibition The Lucifer Effect: Encountering Evil. The thematic framework consists of the contradictory findings of social psychology showing that one can make man turn easily into evil doer one hand and that ordinary people commit unexpectedly heroic acts on the other. The leading American social psychologist Philip Zimbardo analyzed the ways evil exploits to spread while also describing the principles that can prevent this happening. Incorporated into the Open Call's text in the following concise manner, these principles are to impact the viewer and the public through the work by the artists who responded to the call. 

• Avoid humiliating others. Beware of the idea that your group is always right while the others are worse and always wrong.

• Be wary of authority. Do not obey authorities, if this is in conflict with your conscience.

• Assume responsibilty for your actions.

• Speak out! If you are silent to evil, you take part in it.

• Defy evil. Do not wait for others to stand up to wrong-doing.

The viewers and authors thus can judge how much the artists have been successful and vote which works are in that respect most successful.