Parallel Spaces - The documentation of unofficial art events in 80's

6 – 28 Oct 2011

The 80´s was a time of slow change of the social and cultural climate. The art was divided into the official branches, respected by authorities, and branches lot less official, rather private, forced to stand in opposi¬tion to the bureaucratic, cultural and political pressure. Both branches coexisted next to each other, and by their crossing, quite a wide grey zone emerged, which enabled the existence to all the artists. Under the surface of a so called official art, the scene was alive with its extensive and wide array of activities. The artists, ignored by the state and union institutions, had created their own subculture, which had replaced the traditional critics, media, and art spaces, and enabled the immensely important art confrontation meetings.

The art ordained to seclusion was paradoxically in closer contact with many viewers. The shows located in unordinary spaces fought with misunderstanding, despise and bullying from the bureau side, but were freer than the official union exhibitions and often they drew more attention of a wider audience. The photographic documentation has a historic and documentary value, and at the same time it captures the happening itself. Often it is the only proof which remains after short-term projects. It captures atmosphere of the period, the need to showcase, the first showcase of the young artists, comparison with the works of the older colleagues, method of installation, the endeavour to engage into public life, the search for new forms of expression and free space.