Pavlína Jana Lörinczová: Anti-Stress Colouring Books

7 Nov – 5 Dec 2016

This exhibition presenting personal diaries is taking place at the Art Archive as part of the Polička/Shelf project.
Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly the same colours as on the palette – be creative and create your own colours by for example using them in a thicker layer or pressing on the pastels more, resulting in a darker colour. You can even combine two colours that you have available.
Lauren Farnsworth, from the introduction to the Colortronic colouring book.

I’ve liked the work of Pavlína Jana Lörinczová, whom we are presenting in November’s Polička/Shelf, for a number of years now. She was first inspired by her own children’s colouring book drawings, which she collected and transformed into her own large-format paintings. Similarly, she then also worked with anti-stress colouring-book drawings for adults.

Pavlína and I came across anti-stress colouring-book drawings at approximately the same time this past summer. While I was merely stressed out by them, Pavlína bought and took several of them home.

The results were books of drawings, some of which you can now look through. They are the first anti-stress colouring books for adults that don’t stress me out. They were created by an artist, and for her it wasn’t mere relaxation (because no artwork is relaxation).

Nor were they created with the intent to protest or provoke. The main idea is a simple message. The answer of a person who hasn’t allowed her hands to be voluntarily tied – and has the courage to literally cross the boundaries of convention and convenience. In her anti-stress colouring-book drawings, Pavlína Lörinczová simply entered quite wild waters – and set out against the current.

In her colouring-book drawings, Pavlína Lörinczová does not judge or insult her surroundings and trends. She just works with them differently than is expected. With exaggeration, and more freely than we are accustomed to.

Anna Pleštilová